Rise of the Robons: Episodes 4-6 plot summary

[posted 8:00 am, 13 February 2015]

Episode 4:

Sarah and Gemma agree to act as spies. While Prince Moras makes a diversionary attack, they sneak back into the Complex. They spend some time dodging guards.

Devex is furious that he has been denied resources and tells Hamdarn that he can no longer defend the Complex properly, let alone attack the Queen. Hamdarn is suspicious that Simdus and Tenmar both supported Manvel when they never usually agree on anything. Devex suggests that Manvel should be killed, but Hamdarn is reluctant to act illegally.

Sarah and Gemma watch Manvel as he works in his Chinese lab. The voice of an unseen machine is heard responding to his Chinese orders. Devex and some guards burst in, but the robon (a robot resembling a dustbin) emerges and kills them all. Sarah and Gemma sneak away to contact the Prince.

Manvel goes to the House and says they have betrayed him. Everyone denies knowledge of Devex’s plot, but Manvel will not listen (and is Chinese). Three robons come in and kill everyone but, who Manvel declares that he will now take over the planet.

Episode 5:

The robons spread out from the House, killing guards and civilians as they go.
Sarah and Gemma warn the Prince, who pulls his men out to defend the Queen. Meanwhile, Sarah and Gemma watch the robons and question survivors. After several close shaves, they escape from the Compound and return to the palace. The Queen is horrified by what they and the Prince tell her. She decides to abandon the palace and set it to self destruct when the robons enter. Sarah says this will buy time, but nothing more. She decides that she and Gemma must return to Manvel’s lab to find out whether the robons have any weaknesses. As they leave, they see robons approaching. The robons enter the palace and begin killing guards. Queen Harmetta, Prince Moras and a few guards escape through a secret passage. The palace explodes. Manvel watches on a screen and laughs his Chinese laugh. The camera pulls back to reveal more robons. Manvel talks to himself, saying that he will capture and marry the Queen so he can be King (and he will still be Chinese too). He leaves with the robons.

Sarah and Gemma sneak into the lab. Sarah looks at the computer while Gemma searches the room. Sarah exclaims “I’ve got it!”. A robon appears and tells her not to move.

Episode 6:

Gemma leaps out behind the robon and knocks it to the ground. Sarah rushes out and Gemma follows her. They lock the door and run off down a corridor. The robon recovers and starts shooting the door, which is eventually destroyed. Sarah says they must find the Queen. Meanwhile, the Queen and Prince advance through the Complex. Robons appear and after some shooting on both sides, the Prince and guards are all killed. The robons surround the Queen and take her prisoner.

Sarah and Gemma are chased by a robon but eventually lose it. They see the other robons taking the Queen to Manvel. Gemma wants to rescue her but Sarah says they have no chance and will all be killed if they fight.

Manvel tells the Queen that she must marry him and let him rule. She defiantly refuses. After some ranting from him and sarcastic comments from her, Manvel orders the robons to put her in prison. As the Queen sits in her cell, Sarah sends her a telepathic message saying that there is a self-destruct button on the Chinese necklace that Manvel wears. If she can get to it, she can destroy all of the robons. The Queen shouts out of her cell that she wants to see Manvel. Meanwhile, Sarah and Gemma are discovered and chased by robons.

The Queen tells Manvel that she will marry him. He summons a priest and demands that the ceremony take place immediately. Sarah and Gemma lock themselves in a room but the robons begin to melt the door. The priest goes through an absurdly complicated ritual as Manvel impatiently tells him to hurry up. At last he pronounces them Chinese man and wife and says “you may kiss the bride”. The Queen moves in, grabs the necklace and presses the button. Manvel inexplicably dies, and robons explode all over the Complex. Sarah and Gemma breathe a sigh of relief and slip away quietly.


MANVEL: Confucius say, bird in hand worth two in bush.

HARMETTA: This bird will not come to your hand. Or your bush.

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