Rise of the Robons: Episodes 1-3 plot summary

[posted 8:00 am, 9 February 2015]

Episode 1:

Sarah and Gemma appear in a flash and spend some time exploring the Complex (a vast futuristic factory resembling Southall Gas Works). In the House of the People, President Hamdarn (John Bailey) gives a long, boring speech about the military situation. He recaps how they are at war with Queen Harmetta, and praises General Devex’s conduct of the war, although he concedes that there is still much to be done.

Sarah and Gemma are chased and captured by guards, and taken for interrogation.
After the speech, Tenmar (Graham Crowden) ridicules Hamdarn and Devex, saying they are incompetent and that the war should have been won by now. Simdus (Philip Madoc) objects that no war can be won easily and so wars should never be started.

In his secret Chinese lab, Chinese inventor Manvel (John Bennett in ridiculous yellowface), who is Chinese, sits on his Chinese chair wearing a Chinese robe and Chinese hat. He watches the proceedings with his Chinese eyes and says with his Chinese mouth that the politicians are fools.

Sarah and Gemma are questioned by Brok (Kevin Lloyd) but confuse him with silly answers. Queen Harmetta orders Prince Moras (Alan Lake) to raid the Complex. General Devex (Richard Marner) sits in his Headquarters doing paperwork and complaining about lack of resources. Brok delivers a report about the interrogation. Suddenly an enemy assassin rushes in and kills Brok. Devex kills the assassin. More enemies invade the base. Sarah and Gemma escape in the confusion and spend some time running around the Complex, but Gemma twists her ankle and they are surrounded by guards.

Episode 2:

Sarah and Gemma escape again and spend some time running around the Complex. Simdus gives a long, boring speech advocating negotiated peace. Hamdarn equivocates, but Tenmar calls Simdus a traitor. Simdus is enraged and calls for Tenmar to be expelled from the House of the People.

Sarah and Gemma continue to sneak around, dodging guards.
Tenmar meets Manvel, who is still Chinese. Manvel reveals that he is developing a new weapon that can win the war. He must have more resources and power to finish it, so he asks Tenmar for help in removing opposition in the House. Sarah and Gemma overhear.

Queen Harmetta tells Moras to try harder to kill Devex. Moras and his men invade the Complex again. They chase Sarah and Gemma. Sarah is captured but Gemma climbs up a ladder. She comes face to face with a guard, punches him, and he falls to his death. She is then surrounded by Moras’s men.

Episode 3:

Sarah and Gemma are taken to Queen Harmetta’s palace, where Moras interrogates them. Tenmar gives a long, boring speech calling for total war. Those who are not fully committed are enemies of the people. He insinuates that this includes Devex and Hamdarn. They will not win without resolute leadership and new weapons. Hamdarn says that moderation is necessary to ensure widespread support for the war. Simdus says that the most widespread support is for peace.

Sarah and Gemma escape but are soon recaptured. Manvel (who is Chinese, in case you’d forgotten) secretly meets Simdus and tells him that he is developing new technology that will guarantee peace and lead to the end of violence. He just needs more resources and an end to limitations imposed by the moderates.

Devex prepares to counter-attack and sends to the House asking for more resources. In the House, Simdus and Tenmar both support a motion to give Manvel a free hand and more resources. Hamdarn objects that Devex needs the resources and that Manvel’s technology is unproven, but he is outvoted.

Sarah and Gemma are brought before the Queen, who tells them that they have a choice: either go back to the Complex and spy for her, or be executed immediately.

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