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[posted 8:00 am, 25 November 2014]

More information than you ever wanted to know about when Time Girls was supposedly made and shown.

Series 1 Production Schedule

Time Girls was commissioned in January 1975, almost certainly as part of an ultimately unnecessary plan to stop the other side from winning the Saturday tea-time science-fiction audience. The budget, fixed in mid-1975, was hit increasingly hard by inflation as production progressed.

The Manturoid Mission

The Plague of Fear

This story was recorded back to back with The Manturoid Mission using the same sets and models. All episodes are now missing.

Castle of Death

Rise of the Robons

This story was originally written with four parts but was extended to six to cover the budget shortfall.

The Curse of Carterford

This two-parter was written as cheap, last-minute filler because of the budget shortfall. Together with the extra two parts of Robons, it replaced a planned story titled The Volcano People.

Terror from the Deep

This replaced a studio-bound story called Jungle of Death, which was planned to start recording on 24 May but was abandoned because of a strike at the studios. It is the only Time Girls story to be shot entirely on film. Time for film editing was limited, which accounts for the relatively small number of cuts. Amanda Cadewell recorded a voiceover during post-production to make the story slightly more coherent.

Series 1 Broadcast Schedule

This series went out on Saturdays in 1976.

Series 2 Production Schedule

A new series of Time Girls was commissioned in March 1985 following the uproar over the cancellation of another science-fiction series. This hopeless compromise pleased no-one, least of all Katy Froade.


The Dust Diggers

Katy Froade was arrested on 26 October and did not return, leading to rewriting of some scenes in the second block. Gemma was briefly played by a double but mostly written out. Production of further stories was cancelled, including the First World War story Death at Dawn, which was planned to be shot on OB from 11 to 16 November.

Series 2 Broadcast Schedule

This series was broadcast on Saturdays in 1986.

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