The Manturoid Mission: Episodes 3-4 plot summary

[posted 8:00 am, 30 January 2015]

Episode 3:

As Glamma drops to the floor, dead, the camera pulls back and reveals Frankstone standing over her. He slips away unseen, just before Sarah and Gemma discover the body. They are suspected of the murder, but Frankstone tells Sisserus that Yuto did it. While everyone else searches the base for Yuto, Frankstone completes and activates the second Manturoid. During the search, Yuto lets a Zarkuloid into the base to pad out the episode, I mean cause a distraction. There is lots of running around in corridors. Eventually, Yuto is captured and locked in a cell, but refuses to answer any questions (fans have intensely debated why a scientific research centre would have prison cells, but no consensus has emerged). The Manturoids creep around the base. Sisserus sees them and they kill him. As the rocket lands, Sisserus is found dead. The new arrivals are government investigator Major Karden, bumbling bureaucrat Jemble, and almost five soldiers. Karden announces that the base is under martial law, and that Sarah and Gemma are to be summarily executed.

Episode 4:

As the firing squad takes aim, the two Manturoids burst in and kill the soldiers. Sarah and Gemma escape in the confusion, while Karden and Jemble are forced to surrender to Frankstone, who gloatingly confesses to the murders. He says that the Manturoids are hybrids of humans, Zarkuloids, insects and some custom-made parts, and that with their power he will conquer the galaxy. Jemble immediately changes sides, but Karden remains defiant and is locked in the cell with Yuto. Frankstone starts making more Manturoids and forces the rest of the scientists, ineptly organised by Jemble, to help him. Meanwhile, Sarah and Gemma rescue Karden and Yuto, and persuade them that they will all have to work together to defeat Frankstone. Gemma and Karden create a diversion while Yuto leads Sarah into the secret lab, which is now abandoned because Frankstone has taken over the whole base. Sarah looks at the genetic blueprints on the computer and discovers that the Manturoids have a weakness: they are severely allergic to coffee. She sends a telepathic message telling Gemma what to do. Gemma gets the message while she and Karden are making a fighting retreat through the corridors. They duck into the kitchen, and as Karden barricades the door, he orders Gemma to make some coffee. She gives him a foul look but does it anyway (feminist critics generally reject the argument that “it’s ironic”). When the Manturoids burst in, they get coffee poured on their heads, become confused and soon die. Meanwhile, the scientists in the main lab flee in terror as Yuto smashes the equipment and Sarah pours coffee on the half-finished Manturoids. Gemma and Karden rush in and say they can’t find Frankstone. Suddenly the rocket blasts off, but Karden reveals that starting the engines without his voice print will trigger a self-destruct timer. The rocket explodes in the sky, and as Jemble pleads for mercy, Sarah and Gemma quietly slip away.


GEMMA: I’m getting a mind message from Sarah. She says those things don’t like coffee.

KARDEN: Are we supposed to offer them tea instead?

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