The Manturoid Mission: Episode 1 Commentary

[posted 2:16 pm, 23 September 2014]

Time Girls stars Amanda Cadewell and Katy Froade comment on the first episode, reminisce about how they got their parts, and sing a silly song about a stuntman.

(CONTENT WARNING: This story will deal with sexual violence and mental illness. See Help Links for more information about these issues.)

MANDY: Hello everyone, and welcome to the Time Girls special edition DVD commentary. I’m Amanda Cadewell, and I play Sarah. This is Katy Froade,

KATY: Hellooo!

MANDY: And Katy plays Gemma. This story was written by Derek Pedderton, directed-

KATY: They know all that, Mandy.

MANDY: We ought to do it properly. Don’t forget, Katy, there may be children watching, so we must be on our best behaviour.

KATY: Oh yes. We’ve been censored. So we mustn’t say anything too naughty. Or political.

MANDY: Watch the programme, Katy. We’re missing the titles.

KATY: It’s called Time Girls, but really we were women in our twenties.

MANDY: In those days you were either a girl or an old woman.

KATY: We are old women now, but they still call us the Time Girls.

MANDY: Here I am, as Sarah. I’ve always thought Sarah was a very ordinary name.

KATY: It’s a silly idea, isn’t it? A mermaid in space?

MANDY: Well, it was certainly imaginative.

KATY: But it was so hard to do.

MANDY: I know. It took me forever to get dressed, and once I was wrapped up in that rubber tail, I couldn’t go to the loo.

KATY: It was the same with my catsuit. I hated it. And I got so sweaty under the lights. By the end of a studio day I used to stink.

MANDY: You really had the figure for the catsuit. It looked fabulous on you.

KATY: Yes, unfortunately. I got a little too much attention from the cameramen.

MANDY: My bum looked awful.

KATY: It didn’t, Mandy. Don’t be silly. For everyone watching at home, how did you get your part?

MANDY: I’d been doing rather well in theatre, but next I wanted to try some telly. Well, my agent tried and tried, but we could not get an audition for love nor money. At the same time, I was on a calender that Patrick Lichfield did-

KATY: Which means everyone knows how beautiful you are, so stop going on about your bum.

MANDY: I was fully clothed, I hasten to add. It wasn’t one of those calendars. Anyway, Brian Prunting, our producer, saw me on this calendar, and that was that.

KATY: It was Graham Williams who spotted me, for which I am eternally grateful, despite everything. He watched all the crime programmes, and I had some small parts in the ones on the other side. Some unkind people said I only got this because I look like Lis Sladen with a bigger chest.

MANDY: You do look a bit like her.

KATY: I know. Someone at Tigon was after the two of us to play … vampire twins, I think. Needless to say, we didn’t. They wanted Ralph Bates to be in it too, but he was busy with Poldark.

MANDY: I was in that sitcom with him. Where he was divorced.

KATY: And he still lived with his parents?

MANDY: No, no, that was Ronnie Corbett.

KATY: Oh, I liked him. … Where are we now?

MANDY: I think it was near Reigate.

KATY: We’re not doing very much.

MANDY: We have to explore the planet. To set the scene.

KATY: What have we seen?

MANDY: That’s the base in the distance. … And now they’re inside it.

KATY: Oh look! It’s Kevin Stoney!

MANDY: Now he was lovely.

KATY: What is he wearing?

MANDY: I think the costume designers did awfully well, considering.

KATY: There’s Pammy Salem! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

MANDY: Oh yes. That hair really suits her.

KATY: I bet she gets killed.

MANDY: Don’t give it away!

KATY: She always gets killed, Mandy. Do you remember when she played a prostitute in The Professionals? Urghhh. I turned that part down.

MANDY: We’re outside again-

KATY: (LAUGHING) It’s a man in a gorilla suit!

MANDY: Don’t laugh, Katy. It’s supposed to be frightening.

KATY: I was more frightened of falling over in those heels.

MANDY: Your kinky boots. I’m being carried here, which is why they shot me from below.

KATY: Did they explain that?

MANDY: They said I could hover a bit, but not much. I don’t know how. Oh! We’re at the door already.

KATY: That was a very awkward cut.

MANDY: And we’re safe.

KATY: Gorilla man isn’t very pleased.

MANDY: This is in the studio now.

KATY: Of course, we did this on a different day. We had to remember to be out of breath.

MANDY: Will they trust us?

KATY: I think you’re using your empathy on Pam, because you’re a giiirl.

MANDY: But it was quite clever, the way they made us different from each other. We weren’t just two dolly birds.

KATY: I think I’m using my boobs on Kevin, because I’m a giiirl.

MANDY: I suppose it looks a bit sexist now, but it was ahead of its time, really.

KATY: Ooh, John Woodnutt being very creepy.

MANDY: My children were terrified of him. It was something they watched at school. And it’s funny, because he was so sweet off-camera.

KATY: Yes, he was very generous. I’d not done much multi-camera before, and he helped me a lot.

MANDY: And there’s the stunt man. What was his name?

KATY: Oh, I can’t remember.

MANDY: Not Tip Tipping?

KATY: No, Tip Tipping was much later. Do you remember the song we used to sing at him?

MANDY: Oh yes! He hated it!

MANDY, KATY: (SINGING) Tip Tip Tip Tip Tipping, lay a little egg for me, Tip Tip Tip Tip Tipping, I want one for my tea (COLLAPSING INTO GIGGLES)

MANDY: … Tip Tipping, of course, sadly no longer with us.

KATY: God, I’d forgotten. … There he goes! You know that’s going to happen whenever you see a stunt man.

MANDY: There’s my big bum again.

KATY: It isn’t, Mandy.

MANDY: And you’re somewhere else, are you?

KATY: Here I am running down the corridor … Running up the corridor … Running down it again from a different angle.

MANDY: It was awfully clever the way they got so much out of the sets. You wouldn’t know unless you were there.

KATY: I remember we shot these bits out of sequence at the end of the next day because no-one else was in them. You and all the other actors got to go home early, and I was running up and down on my own til ten o’clock.

MANDY: We can see out of the windows here. That’s rather well done.

KATY: Oh, this was when the crew tried the old CSO underwear trick on me, but I didn’t fall for it. I already knew I wasn’t to wear anything under the catsuit because of VPL.

MANDY: Oh dear. Have you hit your head?

KATY: Yes, I always had to play unconscious. It wasn’t much fun. I think it was just lazy writing. …

MANDY: Is this where he’s taken you? Oh yes. There you are.

KATY: I spent a lot of time tied up. I think Derek was a bit-

MANDY: Oh goodness!

KATY: Ohhh, I remember Mary Whitehouse was up in arms about this.

MANDY: Well, perhaps now, as a mother, I can see her-

KATY: No, she was a silly old bat. Children love this kind of thing, don’t they?

MANDY: I suppose, yes, James liked some very gory things when he was five.

KATY: Is Ted Furnage inside it?

MANDY: I think so. He was always inside the monsters.

KATY: Cliffhanger!

MANDY: Will I save you in time?

KATY: I think you will.

MANDY: I suppose it was quite good. If you like that sort of thing.

KATY: I don’t think many people did like it.

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