The Manturoid Mission: Episodes 1-2 plot summary

[posted 8:00 am, 26 January 2015]

We’re back with more extras: plot summaries of every story that has a commentary, including missing episodes. Updates will now be on Mondays and Fridays.

Episode 1:

Sarah and Gemma appear in a flash on Zarkulos IV, a barren planet resembling a quarry in south-east England. They spend some time exploring. Eventually they see a dome, which is part of a research centre set up by a scientific mission from Earth. Inside the base, chief scientist Sisserus (Kevin Stoney) and his deputy Glamma (Pamela Salem) are perplexed by the murder of one of their team, and by the mysterious unauthorised experiments being carried out by Professor Frankstone (John Woodnutt). Sarah and Gemma are chased by a Zarkuloid (a monster resembling a man in a gorilla suit) and seek refuge in the base. They are treated with suspicion at first, but soon win the trust of Sisserus and Glamma, who ask for their help in finding the murderer. Meanwhile, Frankstone shoots a technician who wanders into his secret laboratory, and his henchman Yuto throws the body down a shaft. Sarah and Gemma split up to look for clues. Gemma falls over for no particular reason and is captured by Yuto. As Sarah tries to find her, Frankstone ties her up in the lab and leaves her at the mercy of his terrifying creation: the Manturoid (Ted Furnage).

Episode 2:

Sarah rushes into the lab just in time and hits the Manturoid on the head with a spanner. It runs off, leaving Sarah enough time to untie Gemma, and they both escape. Gemma was unconscious when she was captured and doesn’t know who put her there. The only way to avoid the Manturoid is through a ventilation shaft that leads out of the base. Sarah and Gemma spend some time on the surface being hunted by Zarkuloids. Meanwhile, Sisserus sends a call for help. A rocket is sent but will take some time to arrive. Sarah and Gemma return to the base where they tell Glamma what happened. Glamma takes them to Sisserus and tells him that she suspects Frankstone, but Sisserus is unsure and accepts Frankstone’s excuses. Frankstone returns to his lab. As he works on a second Manturoid, he debates with himself whether he has the right to create and destroy life. When he hears that a rocket is approaching the base, he forgets his doubts and hurries to finish his creation. Sarah and Gemma try to find their way back to the lab, but the corridor is blocked by a wall that wasn’t there before. Meanwhile, the gloved hands of an unseen person close around Glamma’s throat. (Feminists have criticised this scene for eroticising violence against women. Some male fans have responded by threatening violence against women.)

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