Time Girls is a fictional British science fiction TV series, supposed to have run for two series in 1976 and 1986. It starred Amanda Cadewell as time-travelling mermaid Sarah, and Katy Froade as her feisty sidekick Gemma. This site tells their story through DVD commentaries and interviews. Behind the silly anecdotes about cheap science fiction telly and obscure character actors there are some serious points about how patriarchy treats women. This will include some discussion of sexual violence and mental illness.

About the author

Gavin Robinson was born during “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”. He has a PhD in history and has published a monograph more obscure than anything Sherlock Holmes came up with. He doesn’t really like writing about himself in the third person. Three sentences is about all I can manage. I’ve sometimes had unusual reactions to stress, but thankfully nothing as bad as Katy’s.